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PopJam is all about creating and sharing in a friendly, fun space.

With that in mind, we put together a quick guide on how to stay safe in the PopJam community!

What is PopJam?

PopJam is a creative community platform for 7 – 12 year olds. You can create content for your profile using stickers, photos and drawing tools and can follow people or brands you are interested in. There are loads of games to play, videos to watch and quizzes, puzzles and challenges to take.

Safety in PopJam

PopJam has a team of professional, dedicated moderators who monitor PopJam 24 hours a day, all year round and are active members of the PopJam community. Everyone has their own profile to post their creations to. If you follow someone, their posts show up in your Feed. If they follow you, your posts will appear in their Feed. You can comment on a post – and everyone will be able to see it. All posts are monitored, regardless of where they appear in the app.


If you are new to PopJam, or if you have posted something we’re not sure about, you might find that your image appears on your profile only. Others can only see your posts once we’re happy that they’re okay to share. We will approve your post as soon as possible. Images that aren’t okay will disappear.

Selfies and photos of you and your friends aren’t allowed on PopJam. We want you to be safe and private. You can use stickers to disguise yourself – they’re fun and safe!

We have filters on PopJam that stop bad language, negative comments or the sharing of personal information. If your text turns into #### or emoji it means we’re making sure everyone stays happy. So, remember to follow the Community guidelines. The nicer you are to the PopJam community and the more fun and creative your posts are, the quicker everyone will see them!

Reporting, unfollowing and blocking

If you see any comment in your Feed that you don’t like, you can report it to our moderators by clicking the ‘i’ on the top right of a post. You can also stop following someone at any time by visiting their page and pressing ‘following’, which will stop their messages showing up in your feed and prevent them from sending direct messages. You can also block any accounts by visiting their profile and hitting the ! button in the corner and pressing ‘block user’. They won’t be able to search for you, comment on your posts or @mention you.

Closing hours

We’re open from 6am to 11pm. Why? Because even though you might want to be posting on PopJam 24/7, you need a break. Also, if you’ve got something special to share it makes sense to do it before or after school or at the weekend, so there are more people to see your awesomeness. We want you to post when parents or guardians can be around to help you and share the PopJam fun.

What can you do?

Talk to your friends, family and teachers about being safe online. Talking about how to be private, safe and creative is a great way to share any concerns and make sure that you have a fun, positive time. Find out more about PopJam safety and rules by reading our House Rules. If you have any feedback, ask your parents to email us at hi@popjam.com