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PopJammers Privacy Policy

Last modified on 21 July 2022

What is this? 

This is where you find out who owns PopJam, what information we collect about PopJammers, why it’s collected, and how we keep it safe! It might sound boring, but it’s all about you, so it’s BIG news!

You can read more below (or get your parent or guardian to help you read it!) but here are the 4 QUICK THINGS you should know:

  1. We do everything we can to keep your information safe. You can help by not sharing any personal information on PopJam!
  2. We collect info to help us give you the best PopJam ever – that means it looks great, contains everything you love, and it’s easier for us to help you with any bugs.
  3. If the police or government ask us to help stop or investigate a crime, we may have to give them your username and PopJam internet address.
  4. You and your parent or guardian have the right to look at, change, correct or delete information about you on PopJam. Just ask your parent or guardian to contact us.

Who’s SuperAwesome?

SuperAwesome Trading Limited (that’s us!) is the name of the company that owns PopJam. We’re part of a group of companies – one big happy family called “SuperAwesome”, or to keep it short and sweet in here, “us, “we”, “our”.

What is ‘PopJam’ anyway?

When we talk about ‘PopJam’, we mean ALL the cool ways you can interact with it. Not just the website, but also the PopJam-branded app that you download to your phone or device.

Can I share anything I want on PopJam?

We know… you want to start posting stuff on PopJam RIGHT NOW. That’s awesome! But before you post:

  • Please don’t share anything that tells people who you are (or where you are!) We call this ‘Personal Information’ – it could be your name, address, phone number (of course) but also things like:
  • real names or pictures of you or other people
  • anything that could be a clue about who you are (think like a detective) – for example, pictures of where you live, telephone numbers, email addresses, pictures of your school uniform, details of where you walk your dog (or lizard or penguin)…. And so on…

If you post something that we think is ‘Personal Information’, we have to remove it or do something to block the parts that could be used to identify who or where you are. Sorry (not sorry).

  • Be nice. The PopJam mods who take out Personal Information also watch out for bad behaviour (rude words, meanness, etc.) and they are also really good at removing anything that doesn’t have the right vibe. Play nice, be nice.

You have one job on PopJam – have fun without getting personal!

But some PopJammers are allowed to show Personal Information on PopJam. Why?

We allow some celebrity PopJammers to feature faces or some personal info. They have green tick badges to show they’re OFFICIALLY OFFICIAL. If they’re not over 16, their legal guardians have given them permission to appear. But don’t forget, all PopJammers are awesome, green tick or not!

Who can see my stuff?

It’s public. Your posts, creations and comments on PopJam can be seen by anyone who can access the PopJam experience online. They can be shared by URL (by copying a link) or by being ‘rejammed’, which means a PopJammer shares your post because they HEART IT.  So, like we said – have fun without getting personal!

PopJammer to PopJammer. PopJammers can find each other by username, using the PopJam search tool. They can also do this by using the Shake tool. Search and shake, PopJammers.

What information do you collect from me, and why?

Awesome is as awesome does. We want to make PopJam a fun community for all our PopJammers and pack it full of all the stuff you love, like unicorns (well, pictures of them anyway…).

To do this, we collect some information from you when you’re on PopJam. Like whether you use a mobile or computer to access PopJam, some technical information about your device and network (e.g, IP address), how often you visit PopJam, how long you hang out on PopJam, and how many PopJammers visit PopJam. But remember – we use smart tech so that we can’t identify the Real You. PopJam is a great place to be thanks to the technical information and facts and figures that we gather!

You can also add your email address to your profile page, but no one else will be able to see it and we’ll only use it if you forget your password.  We’ll also use that smart tech we were talking about so that we can’t use your email address to contact you or for anything else, other than resetting your password.

Who else gets my information other than SuperAwesome?

The future (might not all be jetpacks). We LOVE PopJam, but one day we might have to pass PopJam onto a new owner. The new PopJam owners will know what we know, but protect the information like we do.

Keeping it legal. Respect the law, PopJammers. One day the law might require us to share with the new PopJam owners information like usernames and internet addresses, to help them enforce the law. Our time to be crime-fighting heroes (sort of…).

Sharing is caring. We need to share information from our PopJammers – like how you use PopJam – with companies outside the SuperAwesome family, who we trust to help us run and manage PopJam. Think of PopJam as an amazing park – these companies are our gardeners and gatekeepers who help to make PopJam look and feel like a great place to hang out. You can find out more about them in our full PopJam privacy policy.

PopJammers of the world unite! Our PopJammers come from different countries, so we may need to zoom some of your information between all these countries. If we send your Personal Information to another country, we’ll do what we can to protect it and comply with the correct laws. Your parent or guardian can contact us using the details below, to find out more.

How do you protect my information?

SuperAwesome does some cool techy things to protect your Personal Information. But if something does happen to your Personal Information, we’ll let you know by posting a message on the PopJam website or app.

How long do you keep my information for?

We only keep your Personal Information for as long as we need it to bring you the best PopJam ever and to protect everyone. If you ever leave us (we hope that you won’t!) we’ll keep your Personal Information for as long as we think that we might need it to help you join the PopJam community again!

Why do you have adverts?

Adverts keep PopJam FREE for you to use! All of these ads carry our SAFE AD watermark, which means that they don’t collect Personal Information! Your parent or guardian can contact us using the details below, to find out more.

What control do I have over the Personal Information you have on me?

You and your parent or guardian can look atchange or correct info about your PopJam account. You can also delete your account (though we’d love you to stay with us!) Please ask your parent or guardian to read Section 11 of our full PopJam privacy policy and to contact us using the details below to find out more.

How can I contact you?

Help! I need somebody! We care about our PopJammers, so if you ever need some PopJam help or support, you can get your parent or your guardian to contact us at

Er…What’s my password again? It happens! If you forget your password, just click on the “forgot password” button to reset it. If you haven’t added your email to your account and can’t use “forgot password” then get a parent or guardian to contact us at

Your parent or guardian can email us at, or write to us at Privacy at PopJam, SuperAwesome Trading Limited, Octagon Point, 5 Cheapside, London EC2V 6AA, United Kingdom.

If you are located inside the European Economic Area (EEA), your parent or guardian can contact us at: SuperAwesome GDPR Representative, Mason Hayes and Curran Professional Services Limited, South Bank House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland or at

You can find out if you live in a country inside the EEA by clicking this link:

If you contact us, we’ll ask to contact your parent or guardian. We only use Personal Information like your email address to reply, and then we’ll delete it once everything is sorted. We will keep a record of contact you’ve made with PopJam in case there is ever a problem. We can’t give you neon stars though – these are earned by being a great PopJammer!

I love privacy policies/this is a bit basic….

Yes, knowledge is power! And you can find out lots more in our more detailed full PopJam privacy policy. It’s a great read…