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PopJam Rules

Keep the PopJam community fun and creative with these rules:

Keep your personal information safe

Stay safe online by keeping your personal details private. This means, not sharing who you are, where you live, where you go or how to contact you. Also, don’t show your face, photos with school uniforms or other people in them.

Always be kind

PopJam is a place for kindness and creativity. Think about what you post, and how it could make others feel. Bullying is not okay anywhere, and you can help us keep it off PopJam by being kind and friendly.

Be original

Be creative and share what you love, but don’t post art that isn’t yours. Respect the PopJam community by posting your own creations or rejamming others’ posts. You are special and unique – don’t pretend to be somebody else.

Know how to report and block

You have the power to unfollow and block accounts by visiting their profiles. You can report posts and comments that you don’t think are good for the PopJam community by hitting the ‘!’ button on them. Our team will then take a look.

Talk to your parent or guardian

If you’re under 13 you must get permission from your parent or guardian to use any app or website, including PopJam. They can find more info on PopJam here. Talk to your parent or guardian about what you do online. It makes it easier to discuss any problems you might have and you can share what you love!

Read PopJam’s full set of rules here.


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