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Keep the PopJam community fun and creative with these rules:

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Protect your personal information

Personal information tells people who you are, where you are and how to make contact with you. Stay safe, private and in charge of your info online.

Always be kind and respectful

PopJam is a non-toxic community, which means we don’t allow bullying or negative comments. We celebrate diversity, look out for each other, teach each other and include everybody

Know how to report and block

You might not need to report and block, but learning how gives you the power to report anything that isn’t good for the community, and block interactions you don’t want.

Talk to your parent or guardian

If you’re under 13 you need your parent or guardian’s permission to use any app or website. They can see more about PopJam here. Sharing what you love to do online makes it easier to talk about any problems you might have online.

Play fair and safe

JAM events are shared gaming experiences for all. No spamming or scamming, or stopping anybody else from having fun. Don’t share personal info or take chat onto other apps, or unmoderated or unsafe spaces.

We have written a Privacy Policy just for PopJammers. Read it here.