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Influencers and Developers on PopJam

In this section of the PopJam Partner Guides, you’ll find information for influencers and developers on PopJam.

This includes:

  • Example Channels
  • Best Practice
  • Content Ideas
  • Commercial Guidelines
  • Using Hashtags
  • Using Groups
  • Tagging Other Users
  • Using the Engagement Dashboard

If you want to know more about potential brand opportunities and our SafeFam training program for family and kids content creators on YouTube, then please contact our SA Creators team at

So you’re an influencer or developer?

Welcome to PopJam! PopJam is the safe social app for brands and content creators to reach the under-13 market. Follow a few simple steps and begin growing your audience on PopJam today.

Through hearts, comments and shares, your young audience can engage with your channel in multiple ways.

We’ve pulled together a few handy tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your PopJam channel. Let’s get started!

Example Channels

Check out some of these channels for inspiration!

Influencers channels on PopJam

  • Jeffo
  • MeganPlays
  • Shiloh&Bros
  • MegaSquadMo

Best Practice

If you want to get more hearts and comments, make sure you always have a strong Call To Action (CTA) in your caption. PopJammers love to give their opinions!

Here are some examples:

  • What are you up to this weekend? Let us know in the comments below!
  • Who’s your fave? Circle your fave!
  • What do you think? Do you agree?
  • Heart if you agree!
  • Do you think this is true or false?
  • Tick if you do this too!


Content Ideas

There are lots of different ways to engage with PopJammers!

Why not post a behind the scenes photo from one of your videos?

Always remember that PopJam is a kidsafe platform for under 13s and that as a verified channel, you’re a role model for hundreds of thousands of kids worldwide.

  • Sneak peek of your next video!
  • Circle what you want to see!
  • Give this person a makeover!
  • Q&As – “Ask your favourite creator a question!” etc.
  • Competitions/Shoutouts
  • Rejams – “Rejam this post if you like cats” etc.
  • Forming campaigns for social justice and other causes – PopJammers love to express their opinions.
  •  Create a story – PopJammers love listening and even finishing a story if it is given to them. “Listen to this story video and comment below how you think it should end” etc.

Unnamed Shiloh

Commercial Guidelines

Commercial and Gifted posts on PopJam.

On PopJam, with regards to commercial posts, you are responsible for adding #ThisIsAnAdvert to the post caption in order to make it clear to the PopJam audience that this is a paid for or sponsored post by a brand, or that you have been gifted items by this brand.

You are responsible for any content you create and PopJam may remove any content we believe violates our community or commercial guidelines, or is otherwise objectionable.

Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or concerns.


Using Hashtags

Using hashtags can help your content to gain visibility and increase engagements, as well as growing your channel’s followers.

There are some popular tags at the top of the newsfeed. PopJammers can also search for hashtags in the Discover Tab, then follow them. All new content tagged with that hashtag will appear in their newsfeed.

We recommend using hashtags where possible so that your fans never miss finding the content they love!


Using Groups

Posting your content through a Group on PopJam can help your content gain more visibility and outreach to new PopJammers while also increasing your content’s engagement. 

There are lots of Groups on PopJam! They can all be found in the app on the Home Feed and by selecting at the top of the screen ‘See All’ to see all our official groups on PopJam (and also on our Discover page in app).

To post your content into a group you will need to select the Group under ‘Community’ in the CMS when scheduling your posts or hyperlink the group in your posts caption by using ‘/’ before and after your group’s name, for example ‘/PopJam Group/’ etc.


Tagging Other Users

Tagging other PopJam users can drive collaboration between influencers and help PopJammers find content creators they want to follow.

Be sure to tag other influencers or brands if you’ve worked on or featured in something together.

To ensure the best user experience, please make sure that a brand or product has a PopJam channel before you tag them in a post. This means that users can click on the @tag and explore more content that they might be interested in.

Using the Engagement Dashboard

Use the Engagement Dashboard to effectively manage your channel content. You can schedule posts in advance and run basic reports on how your content is performing.


Click here for a full guide on how best to use the Engagement Dashboard.