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Guidelines for Partners on PopJam

What should I do on PopJam?

PopJam is a platform for creativity, fun and sharing. So create, have fun and share! 

What shouldn’t I do on PopJam?

PopJam isn’t a platform for religious or political content. It’s not social services or a medical centre. Posts or accounts by individuals should not be for personal gain or projects (such as Kickstarter). Promotional campaigns need to go through your SuperAwesome content and be appropriately marked as Safe Ads.

You should not try to link children out of PopJam or create activities that encourage children to share PII (Personally Identifying Information) such as name, full name, DOB, address, school, telephone number, email address, usernames on other platforms etc. You should never ask children to directly email, contact or communicate with a company, brand or individual.

What can users do on PopJam?

Be creative, share something interesting, join Groups, play shared gaming experiences, post about their passion or hobby. Do something funny (but not offensive). Have fun. Make friends. Learn something new. Express themselves!

What can’t users do on PopJam?

It’s always okay to ask ‘What is the intention of the post?’ If it is intended to or likely to offend, upset or disrupt – that’s not okay. Images of people in underwear or in suggestive or lewd poses are not okay. Harassing others, calling attention to something horrific or scary is not acceptable. Please see our Terms of Use and Community Guidelines for further information.

What about selfies?

We do not allow users to post selfies on PopJam. We encourage users to use our fun filters and stickers to hide their face.

What about private chat?

We have no private chat in PopJam. This is by design. We want all posts to be public so parents can feel secure.

How is suspicious behaviour monitored?

Our monitoring software is highly sophisticated and alerts us within nano-seconds of any potentially suspicious behaviour. PopJam’s escalation system allows us to deal with any potential problems within minutes. We have established strong working relationships with law authorities around the world and report suspicious or problem behaviour when and if the situation calls for it. Remember, 94% of all posted content is positive, constructive and fun!

What should we do if there is a squabble?

To report a post, press the three dots in the top right corner and tap ‘Report this post’, next to the ‘!’ icon. To report a comment, press the three dots on the bottom right corner of the comment and press ‘Report this post’. Out of respect for privacy, we don’t share the action we take with anyone other than the post owner or their parent/guardian.

What should we do if we spot something alarming?

Stay calm. REPORT the post by clicking on the three dots on the top right of a post and pressing ‘Report this post’. Keep it confidential. If you see something urgent, please email us at: [email protected]. Someone will attend to your needs asap, 24/7.

Advertising on PopJam

Promotional campaigns need to go through your SuperAwesome Contact and be appropriately marked as Safe Ads.

PopJam is a walled garden. You cannot link out of PopJam, but you can include a URL (on a post, in a caption or in your profile bio) if it has been cleared with your SuperAwesome contact. If the URL is not cleared it will be blocked by our filters. We only feature URLs for websites or content that is safe and appropriate for under 13s eg. no third party trackers or adult social media.

Food and Drink on PopJam

Get in touch with your SuperAwesome contact for more information.

We do not allow any self-managed food or drink channels on PopJam. This ensures that all PopJam channels comply with content standards governing kids’ marketing (such as CARU/Committee of Advertising Code).

Influencers, developers and creators on PopJam

If you are representing an influencer check out the guide here.

If you need more information please get in touch with your SuperAwesome contact or email the SACreators team at [email protected].

What about compliance with the US Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and related rules (COPPA) & the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR)?

PopJam is designed to be fully compliant with legal and regulatory requirements applicable to any children’s digital experience, including specifically COPPA and GDPR-K. We have established relationships with various regulatory compliance authorities around the globe and, as part of the SuperAwesome group, we benefit from SuperAwesome’s expertise as the leading provider of technology that powers compliant digital engagement with kids. SuperAwesome’s business and products were built from the ground up to collect no personal data from kids, and to enable compliance with content standards governing kids’ content and marketing (such as CARU in the US or the CAP Code in the UK).

PopJam has been certified as compliant with COPPA by both the ESRB and by KidSAFE Seal under the Federal Trade Commission’s Safe Harbor program. PopJam has also been through extensive compliance and security due diligence by leading global kids brands and has been approved for use by those brands.

Additionally, PopJam is committed to safeguarding its users’ privacy in accordance with its Privacy Policy available here.

All PopJam partners are required to ensure that all content and/or activities posted or undertaken through the app are appropriate for its end users, compliant with all applicable laws (in particular COPPA when directed at US users and GDPR-K when directed at EU users) and are in accordance with the PopJam Terms of Service (available here) and these PopJam Partner Guidelines.

How do you create a safe, positive community?

There are a number of things we do on PopJam, including;

  • PopJam has closing hours between 11pm and 6am.
  • We have no private chat.
  • We do not allow selfies.
  • We have blacklists of negative words that our filters catch and delete before posting.
  • We promote positive behaviour and celebrate good digital citizenship through Neon Stars, featured PopJammers, the Daily Challenge and shoutouts.
  • We have active Staff members on PopJam 24/7. They guide and encourage positive behaviour with creative activities and friendly comments.