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In this section, you’ll find information on:

Setting Up Your PopJam account

Managing Your Content

Exploring PopJam

Extra Info


Setting Up Your PopJam Account

If we’re already working with you, your Partner Manager will already be helping you to get set up. If not, just contact us on [email protected], then follow these steps and you’ll be up and running in no time.

When your Channel is created and verified by us (which gives you a green tick badge next to your username) you’ll also have access to the Engagement Dashboard at where you can schedule content. You can still use your device to add posts on the go.

All Channels are visible in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland unless requested otherwise.


Managing Your Content

You can find the SuperAwesome Engagement Dashboard at

You can use the tool to upload, schedule and analyse post data. This means you can create loads of brilliant content at the start of the month and then use the CMS to schedule it to go live whenever you want!

My Profile 

You can find My Profile and Logout by clicking on the three dots on the top right of the screen. On this page you can enter your current password and set a new password if you wish.


The Engagement Dashboard makes it easy to assess the performance of your PopJam channel at a glance. 

It allows you to monitor and track your community of under-13 fans, providing:

  • Audience tracking
  • Engagement tracking
  • Impressions
  • Engagement Rate
  • Post analytics 
  • and more

Create Post

Create a post by pressing the CREATE POST button that’s on the header or go into Channel Manager and select Scheduler and then CREATE POST.

Image post

  1. Select your Channel Name and Image for the type of post you wish to upload.
  2. Drag and drop or browse and select a 608×608 pixel, jpeg image. 
  3. Add a caption and schedule a time and date. Press OK to schedule.
  4. You can also choose to repeat a post or select COMMUNITY to post it to an official Group.

To add multiple images

  1. Select your Channel name and Image for the type of post you wish to upload.
  2. Drag and drop or browse and select your 608×608 pixel, jpeg images. This will give you further options to individually add captions and schedule your posts. 
  3. You can schedule any post and hit APPLY SCHEDULE TO ALL to schedule multiple items at the same time. Press OK to schedule.
  4. You can also choose to repeat a post or select COMMUNITY to post it to an official Group.

Video Posts

Before you get started:

Please check your video content with your Partner Manager or send us an email at [email protected]


  • Thumbnail: the thumbnail is the image that will show between when the user clicks on the play button and the video plays. It can be anything – it can be taken as a screen grab from your video, or you could also use it to show your logo before the video plays! No particular format is required for this, it will resize automatically.
  • Video: 16:9 MP4 video format preferred, recommended minimum size high 720p, bitrate 5 Mbps, max size of the video 300MB. To meet PopJam’s commitment to inclusion, we recommend closed captioning or subtitles to accommodate those hard of hearing.
  • Video end board: this is the image that will show on your channel and in the news feed (608 x 608 pixels, JPG).This displays on your profile, along with a video ‘play’ button. 
  1. Select your Channel name and Video for the type of post you wish to upload.
  2. Drag and drop or browse and select a video. 
  3. Drag and drop or browse and select your thumbnail image. 
  4. Add a video end board. 
  5. Add a title and caption for your video.
  6. Schedule a time and date. Press OK to schedule.
  7. You can also choose to repeat a post or select COMMUNITY to post it to an official Group.

Channel Management

Here you can schedule posts, edit your channel or edit images.

Scheduler – View posts that are scheduled to post, or  see the status of posts (Scheduled, Posted, Drafted or Errored). 

You can choose to look at scheduled posts for the future, or posts that have been posted by selecting the previous dates or custom dates. When looking at scheduled posts you can choose to edit or delete them.

Edit Channel – Here you can edit your bio, Profile Image and Cover Image. We can provide templates for these to help you with sizes and show areas that will be covered.  Just upload a new image and hit PUBLISH.

Image Editor – Drag an image onto the canvas for simple image editing. You can choose to download your completed image or schedule it.

PopJam Insights

Every month we produce the PopJam Kids Insights report, which looks at:

  • Community trends
  • Trend deep-dives
  • Favourite apps, games and creators
  • Thoughts/emotions around world events

It represents the output of questions we pose live and direct to the PopJam community, and is an invaluable window into the lives of kids – available to you directly from the Engagement Dashboard.


Exploring PopJam


1 Homefeed on PopJam

The Home Feed shows content from the Channels and PopJammers you are following. New users automatically follow a number of PopJam channels. You can follow more Channels by adding them via the Discover tab or by hitting the follow button on an in-feed ad or on a profile.

You can interact with posts by commenting on or hearting them. To heart, press the heart button and to comment press the speech bubble button. You can write a message with the text button or press the smiley face to add a sticker – post by pressing the arrow. You can also tap on posts to draw on them and then add it as a comment. Press the + button to create a blank post that you can decorate and post by pressing the arrow.


3 Group Details on PopJam

Across the top of the Home Feed, you can see the Groups you belong to or choose to ADD GROUP by pressing the plus button. Pressing SEE ALL in the Groups banner takes you to the Groups page where you can see Trending Groups, the Groups you belong to and Official Groups.

You can tap on the icons to join the Groups, and then press JOIN, or press the JOIN button next to the name.

You can leave Groups by pressing the JOINED button next to their name, or by going to the Home page and holding down the Group image until an X appears. And then tapping it.

When you belong to a Group, you can see what others have posted to it. When you create a post you can choose to post it to one Group. When you are in a Group you can chat by starting a new chat, posting comments or replying to comments. These aren’t private chats, and they’re moderated to stay safe and fun.

Each Official Group features a Post of the Day. PopJammers can give stars to posts that other PopJammers have created. The post with the most stars will then appear at the start of that Group’s Feed for 24 hours.

If you would like to create a Group contact your Partner Manager or email [email protected] who can verify your Group so it is official, and advise you on how best to run it.


You can follow a Channel simply by pressing the +Follow button. Press the button again to unfollow.

  • The green tick means an account is Verified and run by a trusted source. They can post videos.
  • The blue S shield shows the account is owned by a Staff member. They can post videos.
  • The Neon Star means that this account is owned by an exceptional PopJammer. They love interacting with other followers and showing off their artwork.


4 Discovery on PopJam

The Discover tab is the destination for PopJammers to find new things to follow, watch, love and interact with. A colourful carousel displays creators, games and highlights from across PopJam. 

There is also information on Trending Groups, Official Groups, What’s Hot and Play Games. Tap on the images to open the posts or games or press JOIN to join a Group. Below this, PopJammers can discover PopJam Channels, Official Channels and PopJam Staff. Tap on the images to open the Channels, or press FOLLOW to follow the Channels.


7 Alerts on PopJam

Access the  Alerts page by pressing the bell icon on the top right of the Home screen.

The Alerts page shows PopJammers notifications of activity surrounding them. They are informed if someone follows them, adds them as a Top Friend, or hearts a post, comments on a post or rejams a post.


8 Profile on PopJam

Your profile hosts all of your own content, as well anything you rejam.

Underneath your Avatar image there is an EDIT button. Here you can change your Avatar and Cover Image, update your bio and swap your profile colour and background pattern. You can also access this and more, by pressing the settings icon on the top right of your profile. 

Profiles have room to show and link to 10 Top Friends. Your profile shows how many followers you have, how to FIND FRIENDS, through search (find by username) and shake (if you shake your device at the same time as a friend you can find each other).

Our Levels feature gives every PopJammer a level and different coloured star, according to their follower number. Alerts inform users how far away they are from moving to the next level, and when they reach that level they show off a new star and unlock new sticker pack content. Users can also tap their Level number for information on their next goal. PopJammers on Levels 11-14 get a star next to their username.

Create a post

9 Create Post on PopJam

Create a post by pressing on the plus button at the bottom of the page. A blank white post will pop up and you can choose to draw, add photos, use stickers and GIFs or create text.

Select the brush icon to choose a paintbrush, eraser or our rotobrush. You can choose the brush size and opacity. The rotobrush option allows users to create repeating circular patterns.

Users can pinch to zoom to create more detailed art with finer brushes. As well as a number of colours that PopJammers can pick from, we also now have a colour wheel that allows them to pick and store their favourite colours.

The T icon allows you to choose a variety of fonts and change the word and background colours.

Camera and Filters

We don’t allow selfies on PopJam, or any images that may contain personally identifying information (PII).

When a user presses the camera button, this automatically opens up our Filters – funny images that cover the PopJammers’ faces. Whilst there are a number of in-house Filter Packs, it’s also possible to sponsor brand Filter Packs which see hundreds of thousands of engagements every month!

If you’re not looking for a Filter you can also press the Gallery button just to the left to upload a photo from your camera roll. There will be a few seconds’ delay before this image is visible on your profile, don’t worry – this is just as the image goes through moderation.

Stickers and GIFs

Press the smiley icon for a range of stickers. The more followers a user has, the more sticker packs they unlock. We also feature promotional sticker packs. PopJammers can download them and use them to create posts or interact with specific channel content.

We’ve recently introduced un-lockable sticker packs. PopJammers need a code to access some sticker packs, which can be on product packaging or within marketing material. Please contact your Partner Manager if you’re interested in these paid-for promotions.

The GIF button can be found to the right side of the sticker bar when you hit the smiley face. You will then be taken to the GIPHY section to choose from safe, pre-selected GIFs. If you want to upload your own GIFs, please speak to your Partner Manager or email us at [email protected]


If you see a post that you love (perhaps one mentioning your Channel or from a user that has created art for you), you can press the button in the bottom right corner to rejam it. This post will then appear on your profile. When you press the button you will be given the option to add a caption before you press DONE and post it.


Extra Information

User Generated Content

A number of partners ask us about using images created by PopJammers outside of the PopJam app. Users retain copyright and any other rights they already hold in their content before they post it, but grant PopJam a limited licence to use and modify such content, and to post or display it on or through our PopJam services, including for use on any platform or media.

Do not use PopJam usernames which could identify a user, ([email protected]) or images and/or avatars that show anything identifying. If you wish to use any of the above, then you must go through the PopJam Community team so they can contact a parent or guardian to obtain consent and retain the parent’s or guardian’s consent on record. Ask your Partner Manager or email [email protected] to organise permissions for this.

Show us some love!

Please feel free to promote your PopJam content. That might be in your magazine, on your website or on your social media. Let us know if you need to receive any logos or information. We can easily be found on social media, so follow us, like us, mention us, retweet us and share us.