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That means Frequently Asked Questions, just in case you didn’t know!

1. How do I contact PopJam?

Ask your parent or guardian to contact customer services at

2. How do I get PopJam?

Simply visit or go to the iTunes Store or Google Play. If you’re under 13, get your parent or guardian’s permission to use any app including PopJam. Please ask your parent or guardian to read here. Now you’re ready!

3. What do I do if I see bullying?

PopJam is a non-toxic community, which means bullying is not allowed. Read below on how to unfollow, block and report posts, comments and profiles. Moderators watch over PopJam, but you can help by being kind and respectful and reporting anything that is unkind.

4. How do I block a channel or person?

  1. Go to their profile
  2. Press the ‘!’ button in the top right corner.
  3. Press ‘Block person’

5. What happens when I block someone?

  • They will not be able to search for your username.
  • They will not be able to comment on your posts.
  • They will not be able to @mention you.
  • You can’t unblock someone once you’ve blocked them, so make sure you’re sure!

6. How do I report something I think isn’t right for PopJam?

  1. To report a post, press the arrow in the top right corner and tap ‘Report this post’, next to the ‘!’ icon.
  2. To report a comment, press the ‘!’ button on the bottom right corner of the comment and press ‘Yes’.

7. How do I report a channel or person I think isn’t right for PopJam?

  1. Go to their profile
  2. Press the ‘!’ button in the top right corner
  3. Press ‘Report person’

8. What happens when I report something?

Our team of community moderators will look at what you’ve reported. Anything inappropriate for PopJam or the community will be removed.

9. Can I delete my posts, rejams, and comments?

Yes, just follow these steps:

Posts and ReJams

  1. Find the post you want to delete and press the three dots in the top right corner.
  2. Select ‘Delete’, next to the Trash icon.
  3. Currently, Android users can’t delete rejams – so make sure you love it before you share it!


  1. Find the comment you have written and hit the three dots in the bottom right corner.
  2. Select ‘Delete’ and you’re done!

10. I want to delete my account!

We will do this for you. Just ask your parent or guardian to contact us at

11. How do I follow or unfollow a channel or person?

You can follow a channel or person by pressing the ‘Follow’ button next to a username on the Discover tab, or you can visit their profile and hit the ‘Follow’ button. This now means that everything they post will feature on your Home tab.

If you want to unfollow a channel or person, simply do the same as when you follow them. Find the ‘Following’ button next to their name on the Discover tab and press it, or visit their channel and press the ‘Following’ button. It works like an “on” and “off” switch. You will no longer see that channel’s posts on your Home Feed.

12. Who can see my posts?

Posts appear in your profile. Anyone who visits your profile will be able to see everything that you have posted and rejammed.

Your post will also show in the Feed of friends who follow you. In their own Feeds, they will be able to see what you post and share without going to your profile.

If you use a hashtag such as #cats on your post, anyone searching for or following that hashtag will see your post.

13. What are Groups?

Groups are a place to share what you love and find others who love the same thing. There are Official Groups such as Art and Get Active (they have the green tick badge) and unofficial Groups that are created by PopJammers.

How do I join a Group?

You can find the Groups you’ve joined at the top of the Home Page, and you can join Groups by clicking on ‘+ ADD GROUP’. Click ‘SEE ALL’ to see Trending Groups, the Groups you’re a part of and Official Groups. You can press the JOIN button next to a Group to join it. You can also find Trending Groups on the Discovery Page.

How do I leave a Group?

You can leave Groups by pressing the JOINED button next to their name, or by going to the Home page and holding down the Group image until an X appears. And then tapping it.

What else should I know about Groups?

When you belong to a Group, you can see what others have posted to it. When you create a post you can choose to post it to one Group. When you are in a Group you can chat by starting a new chat, posting comments or replying to comments. These aren’t private chats, and they’re moderated to stay safe and fun!

Each Official Group features a Post of the Day. PopJammers can give stars to posts that other PopJammers have created. The post with the most stars will then appear at the start of that Group’s Feed for 24 hours.

How do I create a Group?

You can create a Group by going to the Home page and selecting ‘SEE ALL’ in the top right corner to take you to the Groups page. Then press the ‘+’ button in the top right corner. Then you can name your Group, give it a cover image and choose what category it belongs to. All Groups have to be kind, appropriate and inclusive – that means anyone can join them.

What does it mean if I create a Group?

It means you’ve created a place on the app where everyone can share their love for the same thing. Look around and see if a similar Group exists first, because it might be more fun to join a Group that already has some members.

If you create a Group then it’s fun to post lots and encourage other PopJammers to join and take part. Spread the word about why your Group is special and support everyone who takes part. Anyone can join or leave your Group at any time, don’t worry about it – lots of people like to try new things out all the time.

14. What are JAM events?

A JAM is an exclusive gaming session where gaming influencers and creators can play with their super fans in real time. PopJammers will be able to play games with influencers in private, moderated servers while listening and watching the private stream. Fans will not be able to voice chat with influencers. 

How do I register for a JAM?

First, head to the ‘Events’ tab on PopJam and find a JAM you want to join. The Event page will include all the relevant information you need to know, including what game, what time, and how to join.

Next, press the Join button and press OK to confirm your registration for the event.

Remember, to successfully register you need to add your ‘Game username’ and turn on notifications in the user settings.

Why did I not get selected to join a JAM?

You must first successfully register for a JAM, which may also mean getting your parent’s permission. Once you have successfully registered you will then need to be selected for the event and there are often limited spaces at JAM events. So, make sure that you follow all the steps correctly, including adding your Game Username in the settings and turn on push notifications!

How do I join a JAM Event on Roblox once selected?

Before an event starts, head over to the Event page of the JAM you registered for and click on the PopJam Portal link. You will be taken to the JAM event lobby private server where the JAM Host for the event is present to help you set up for the JAM session.

For some events, you can click on the JAM you registered for on the Upcoming Events billboard to get teleported to the JAM private server straight away. The influencer or creator you signed up to game with will join that same private server when the event starts.

For some other events, you will need to add the JAM Host as a friend before you can be teleported to the JAM session private server where the creator you signed up to game with will be in.

Why do I need to add JAM Hosts as friends on Roblox?

We ask users who have been accepted for a JAM event that is being run on Roblox, to add the Hosts for the JAM session so we can grant teleport access to the private server if there are any technical issues with joining. You may remove the host after the session is over. Our JAM Hosts also clear their friends list regularly, so you may notice that a host disappears from your friends list. Next time you take part in a JAM event, you may need to add the Host again.

Do I need my parent or guardian’s permission to join JAMs?

We ask for a parent or guardian’s credit card information to verify your identity, so they can give consent for you to use PopJam and join JAMs.

We are legally required to get parental consent for u13s to be able to access and play our games. By verifying your identity, we can ensure that the person who gives permission is authorised to do so. We cannot grant you entry to a JAM session without parental permission. 

15. What different channels are there?

There are many different channels, but look out for these badges next to usernames:

  • Green tick = a trusted channel that might belong to PopJam, a brand or an influencer
  • Blue S = a trusted PopJam Staff account.
  • Neon Star = This has been awarded for being an excellent, kind, arty PopJammer
  • Black Star = If you have 1,000+ followers, this appears next to your username

16. How do I add my friends?

Search your friend’s username by typing it into the search bar. If we find a match we’ll take you straight to their profile!

Pressing the ‘Shake’ button finds people ‘shaking’ at the same time as you. It’s not about where you are. It’s a great way to quickly find your friends.

17. Can I log in on multiple devices?

Sure, when you download the app on your other device, just choose ‘Already Have An Account’ and enter your existing username and password.

Make sure you know your password and username before logging out, because if you forget these you won’t be able to get back into your account!

18. What should I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

If you have password recovery set up, hit the recover password button on the login page and then provide your username and email address. You will then receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Or ask your parent or guardian to contact us at and someone will help them.

19. Do you have adverts on PopJam?

Yes. Any adverts are clearly marked with the ‘SAFE AD’ logo so you know exactly what’s an advertisement and what’s a normal post or banner. We use the money that we get from these companies to develop our services. In other words, the companies that advertise on PopJam pay for the service so you don’t have to! It helps us keep PopJam free.

20. I have a different question!

Ask your parent or guardian to contact us at and we’ll do what we can to help.

We have written a Privacy Policy just for PopJammers. Read it here.