House Rules

1. Joining PopJam

When you join PopJam you agree to the following rules. PopJam is for 7 - 12 year olds, so If you’re under 13, you must get your parent or guardian’s permission to use any app or platform including PopJam. Please ask your parent or guardian to read here. Now you’re ready to get PopJamming!

2. Own it

We want to see your amazing original creations! Don’t copy someone else's work. You’re too cool for that! Share the pictures you make and ReJam the things you find on PopJam.

If you’re a super-fan, create an account that expresses how much you love something and share it – but don’t create an account as someone else. Being you is what makes you so unique and special – PopJam is all about celebrating that safely.

3. Sharing what you make

We can use anything you post or share on PopJam for free anywhere in the world! We can show off your epic creations and/or use them to create new pictures, which we may also post and share. Other PopJammers can use your posts in the same way.

4. Be nice

It’s simple really, treat others how you’d like to be treated. We want PopJam to be enjoyable for everyone. Be polite to others even if you disagree with them.

Create posts that you wouldn’t mind your friends, parents or teachers seeing. Show everyone your imaginative, creative and fun side!

5. Spam

Spamming is posting the same message over and over. Please don’t do so. Please don’t advertise or sell items on PopJam.

6. Keep personal information secret

Never share personal things about yourself online. Never share your password, full name, address, phone number, email address or school name (this includes pictures of your school uniform!). Don’t use your real name for your username. Be creative and invent a username based on you and the things you like! Don’t use a username that you use for other social media accounts. Be private and safe.

Don’t share photos of yourself, your friends or your family. This includes selfies. Disguise yourself with our fun stickers to keep private and safe!

7. Tell us if you see something you don’t like

If you see something you that doesn’t fit our Community Guidelines, hit the report button (the ! button in the top right of the post). You can also ask your parent or guardian to email us at and we will look into it.

If you want to ‘unfollow’ someone find the ‘following’ button next to their name on the Discover tab and press it. You can also block any accounts by visiting their profile and hitting the ! button in the corner and pressing ‘block user’. They won’t be able to search for you, comment on your posts or @mention you.

Read PopJam’s full set of rules here.

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